Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy for Information Disclosure

  • Aozora is committed to the timely, appropriate and fair disclosure of information to all its stakeholders including customers and shareholders, in accordance with the Companies Act, the Banking Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other relevant laws and regulations (including Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Rules Concerning Timely Disclosure).
  • In addition to information disclosed pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations, the Bank conducts proactive and fair disclosure of any information which may assist stakeholders including customers and shareholders in gaining a better understanding of the Bank and its operations.
  • The Bank makes every effort to avoid the misinterpretation of any forward-looking statements included in its corporate disclosures by carefully explaining any assumptions and uncertainties related to such statements.

Procedure for Information Disclosure

  • The Bank proactively discloses corporate information through various mediums including the Aozora website and a broad range of publications in order to ensure the timely, appropriate and fair disclosure of information to all its stakeholders including domestic and overseas customers and shareholders.
  • The Bank strives to provide easily understood disclosure materials, focusing on maintaining continuity and consistency in the disclosure of management policy, earnings results and other financial materials. The Bank provides various opportunities to share information with its stakeholders including analyst meetings and investor presentation meetings.

Framework for Information Disclosure

  • Aozora aims to conduct information disclosure in accordance with this disclosure policy, and makes ongoing efforts to enhance its internal disclosure framework including through its regularly convened Disclosure Conference.