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Introducing Aozora’s Business Groups and Growth Areas

Strategic Investments Group

"Launch of Strategic Investments Business"
- Long-term commitments to investment and lending opportunities ranging from debt to equity finance through proactive risk-taking based on specialized skills -

In the face of a challenging business environment for all financial institutions, including limited economic growth and prolonged monetary easing, the Aozora Group has promoted its distinctive "6 Areas of Focus" business model by leveraging its expertise in specialized areas through a selection and concentration approach. We are in the midst of a historic turning point for the industrial structure, which is anticipated to accelerate going forward. In response to these changes in business conditions, we have established a cross-divisional Strategic Investments Group to flexibly leverage our strengths in the "6 Areas of Focus." By promoting the Strategic Investments Business, we aim to achieve the mid- to long-term growth of both our customers and Aozora.

Institutional Banking Group

The Aozora Group aims to become "a distinctive Partner Bank" that grows sustainably along with its customers and contributes to society through the transformation of the industrial structure. We also strive to gain a deeper appreciation of our customers’ needs to offer various finance transactions from debt to equity as a bank promoting strategic investments business through proactive and long-term risk-taking based on specialized skills to support our customers’ initiatives.
In addition to a broad range of finance transactions requiring a high level of expertise to support our customers’ growth, structural reform, and recovery, we also provide high-value-added solutions leveraged by Aozora’s strengths, including: (1) support for M&A/business restructuring/business succession, (2) assistance for customers’ overseas business expansion by leveraging our broad network with local financial institutions mainly in Asia, (3) provision of risk-hedging products, and (4) response to needs for diversifying funding tools or off-balance sheet accounting treatment through use of a trust structure. We will continue to promote positive risk-taking activities by leveraging our expertise to meet a broad range of customers’ needs, and encourage the fostering of new businesses and sustainable corporate growth over the long term to contribute to the development of society.

  • ABN Advisors Co., Ltd.
  • Aozora Corporate Investment Co., Ltd.

Allied Banking Group

For over 60 years, the Aozora Group has promoted a broad array of transactions and created a solid network with regional financial institutions across Japan.
Aozora’s regional financial institution customers are currently undertaking initiatives to address issues faced by local communities across Japan, which are rapidly increasing in complexity as a result of ongoing demographic and environmental changes. Aozora established a "Regional Finance Partner Bank Task Force" in November 2020 by recruiting members from a pool of experienced Aozora employees with proven and diverse professional backgrounds and intends to leverage their expertise to contribute to the problem-solving initiatives of Aozora’s regional financial institution customers that support regional economies. In particular, Aozora will provide services that are in high-demand today and are expected to become increasingly important in the future, including support for (1) business recovery, restructuring, and succession, (2) securities investment/risk management, and (3) long-term wealth accumulation for retail customers. The Bank also strives to contribute to human resources development at regional financial institutions by working with them in a number of important areas.

  • Aozora Regional Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Aozora Securities
  • Aozora Investment Management

Specialty Finance Group

The Specialty Finance Group provides high-quality real estate finance and business recovery finance-related financial services by leveraging Aozora’s experience, expertise and industry network developed since Aozora’s inception. SFG analyzes changing political/economic conditions as well as financial market trends and engages in globally diversified loans and investments with a forward-looking perspective. In addition, we strive to contribute to economic development by carrying out sound investment and loan activities that can sustainably generate revenue. We effectively assist customers in the smooth operation of their business amid the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic domestically and abroad by utilizing our experience in developing business recovery finance initiatives over many years. While the business environment is undergoing many changes, including increased awareness of SDGs and progressing DX initiatives, we strive to constantly improve our services in order to meet our customers’ needs and to engage in environmentally conscious sustainable finance as a leading player in the real estate finance and business recovery finance markets.

  • Aozora Loan Services Co., Ltd.
  • Aozora Real Estate Investment Advisors Co., Ltd.

International Finance Group

The international business environment has changed significantly over the past year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new administration in the United States, Brexit and increasing political tension between the United States and China, as well as other developing issues. We focused responding to COVID-19 as one of our highest priority issues to be addressed and managed in our daily operations. We also placed a high priority on understanding changes in the economic climate and trends in each industry amid the rapidly changing business environment facing the world's major industrialized countries, further strengthened our oversight and control structures, and focused on maintaining portfolio quality through a rebalancing of our North American corporate loans and investments. While economic activity gradually began to recover in the second half of the year, mainly in North America, we once again began to selectively originate new loans while employing thorough information gathering and risk management. Going forward, we will strive to further increase the level of high quality assets within our portfolio.
During the past year, new revenue opportunities have also been created via new business models and channels, such as DX and SDGs-related investments.
We intend to remain flexible and respond to the changes in the domestic and overseas business environments and further diversify our revenue sources by supporting customers with a range of services, in addition to our existing lending business, and developing initiatives for different asset classes.
We also intend to emphasize the sustainable growth of international finance on a company-wide basis by enhancing our investment and loan business as well as our strategic investment banking business through closer group-wide collaboration. As one example, we plan to leverage the relationships built and expertise gained through our "Asian Strategy", which has been in place since 2013, and promote our new "Asian Strategy Phase 2" across the Bank.

  • Aozora Asia Pacific Finance Limited
  • Aozora Europe Limited

Retail Banking Group

By combining our branch system, comprised of 19 locations across Japan, and our new smartphone app-enabled money service BANK™, Aozora strives to provide comprehensive financial services for all of its customers through specialized consulting services at branches as well as the highly convenient BANK™ app, and aims to become a distinctive partner bank chosen by customers to help support their enriching lifestyles.
At our branch locations, we have instilled in our employees a firm commitment to "Customer-Oriented Business Management", and in addition to a wide range of deposit products, we offer investment trusts and structured bonds that meet the diversified needs of our customers in collaboration with Aozora Securities and Aozora Investment Management. We also provide numerous insurance products that serve to better prepare our customers and ensure their security for life past 100 years of age.
We have established a framework in collaboration with our consultants and financial planners with extensive knowledge and employees with tax accountant qualifications at each branch location in order to respond to testamentary trust and M&A needs while providing comprehensive consulting services regarding inheritance and business succession for our business owner customers.
In addition, we began to provide simple and smart financial services through the new money service BANK™ in July 2019, which is also used by customers who do not have a branch nearby. Thanks to your support, since the launch of BANK™ more than 200,000 customers have opened new accounts and regularly use our services.
We will make ongoing efforts to provide more customers with specialized consulting at our branch locations as well as BANK™ services that are unrestricted by time and place.

  • Aozora Securities Co., Ltd.
  • Aozora Investment Management

Financial Markets Group

The Aozora Group aims to establish an operational system that enables "product development and value for customers" as well as the "realization of stable revenue" under a range of business conditions by developing creative and original initiatives in new areas while enhancing our expertise in market-related businesses.
In our Sales & Trading business, we strive to develop and provide a range of financial products in order to meet our customers’ risk hedging and asset management needs.
In our ALM/Securities Investment business, we engage in stable cash flow management and aim to realize stable revenue through global and diversified investments and robust risk control.
We are also focused on human resource development designed to further strengthen the skill level of our market teams.

GMO Aozora Net Bank Initiatives

GMO Aozora Net Bank ("GANB") was launched in July, 2018 as an Internet Bank that leverages the strengths of both the Aozora Group and the GMO Internet Group. Through its expertise in "Banking and IT", GANB has combined technology, technical knowledge, an independent perspective, a broad range of tools, and its specialized network to establish itself as a progressive bank that defies easy categorization. GANB’s mission is to provide its customers with the five values of "safety", "speed", "price competitiveness", "convenience", and "new experience". Under its corporate vision of "All for our customers. Strive to be the No. 1 Tech Bank", GMO Aozora Net Bank supports these values through in-house systems development backed by its technological capabilities. Through this approach, GANB can provide its customers with low-cost services and highly-flexible service plans.

  • GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd.

Collaboration with Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OCB)

In order to capitalize on the region’s economic growth and promote initiatives that actively contribute to the ongoing development of the Vietnamese economy, Aozora executed a capital and business alliance agreement with Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OCB), a mid-sized commercial bank based in Vietnam. As a result, Aozora acquired 15% of OCB’s common shares in June 2020 and also appointed two directors, making OCB an affiliated company (equity-method) of Aozora Bank.
As a long-term strategic partner, Aozora Bank will make ongoing efforts to provide its specialized and differentiated financial services to customers by sharing its financial experience and knowledge with OCB.

  • OCB



Total Assets:

Approx. 700 billion yen (as of December 2020)

Number of employees:

5,635 (as of March 2021)

Number of branches:

134 (as of December 2020)


HOSE (Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange) (since January 2021)