Aozora Bank Group's Basic Policy for Customer Oriented Business Management

The Aozora Bank Group defines its management philosophy as being "firmly established in the Japanese financial system and truly committed to contributing to the social and economic growth of Japan." In keeping with this commitment, the Bank and its Group companies have adopted a customer oriented business approach to serving our Brilliant60s senior generation and other customers, as we aim to become a trusted "Primary Secondary Bank: An Even More Reliable Partner."

The Group and its officers continue to reaffirm the importance of our "Commitment to a customer-oriented business approach aimed at growing customer assets," and intend to contribute to the sustainable social and economic development of Japan through the ongoing provision of customer-oriented services.

I. Implementation of sales initiatives

Aozora places the highest priority on contributing to the stable growth of customer assets over the medium to long term. We intend to leverage our highly specialized consulting services to provide financial products responding to our customers' asset management needs, in addition to thorough follow-up services.

1. Provision of highly specialized consulting services

  • Aozora recommends products from our extensive product line-up which are best suited to the respective needs of our customers, based on a detailed assessment of each customer's financial knowledge, investment experience, transaction objectives, level of assets and risk tolerance.
  • We offer appropriate advice to customers, carefully explaining product characteristics, the extent of the risk involved, the economic environment and market trends, while taking into consideration the financial knowledge and investment experience of each customer. For complex, high-risk products, the Bank provides more detailed explanation to ensure that customers understand our products.

2. Development of financial products beneficial to customer asset growth

  • In order to better understand the diverse needs of the Bank's customers, Aozora conducts customer surveys on a regular basis, using the results to further enhance the Bank's product line-up. Aozora develops a wide range of products and services focusing on the "mid-term" and a shift "from saving to investment," through collaborations with asset management and insurance companies in Japan and overseas.
  • The Aozora Bank Group works together on product development to enhance the Bank's product line-up taking into consideration the attributes and needs of our customers. In order to provide the best products and services for our customers, we also select financial products from non-Group companies as necessary. The Bank also carefully manages any conflicts of interest when developing products.
  • For customers with little investment experience, the Bank offers a variety of low-risk type and non-complex-type products, and makes ongoing efforts to enhance the tools necessary for providing easily understood explanations to customers.

3. Provision of thorough follow-up services

  • We strive to offer products and services matching the various life stages and plans of our customers, and provide information regarding market trends and products held by customers in order to contribute to continued asset growth.
  • Aozora provides thorough follow-up services to assist customers in making appropriate investment decisions, including conveying timely and accurate information in the event of a sharp change in market conditions that may significantly affect our customers' products, and offering advice on market outlook.

II. Development of appropriate frameworks

We are committed to promoting customer-oriented sales activities through the implementation of frameworks for ensuring adequate human resources development and allocation as well as for developing our branches and infrastructure, based on the feedback from customers.

1. Human resources development

  • Leveraging our dedicated retail training program, aimed at strengthening the consultative skills of our sales staff and enhancing compliance awareness, Aozora aims to foster a highly skilled and professional sales team. We also provide hospitality training for our sales staff to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience for our customers.
  • In order to develop a results assessment framework, Aozora will conduct ongoing verifications and reviews to ensure the provision of highly specialized, quality consulting services in line with a truly customer-oriented sales approach.

2. Consulting services

  • Aozora assigns financial planners with extensive experience to each retail branch in order to respond to consultation needs requiring a high level of expertise, and provide comprehensive services catering to the asset management and succession needs of our customers.

3. Branch and infrastructure

  • Aozora continues to promote branch renewals while ensuring enhanced comfort for customers through the provision of thorough asset management consultation services in a bright yet relaxed atmosphere.
  • Aozora intends to leverage FinTech, as well as increase access to services across various channels including our call center and the Internet via a computer or smartphone, towards further enhancing customer convenience.

4. Explanation on fees

  • To ensure the utmost transparency, the Bank explains the fees received in exchange for services offered to its customers to assist them in making decisions regarding transactions. We also continue our efforts to increase the number of products for which fees are disclosed.

5. Feedback from customers

  • We intend to utilize the feedback received from customers through our call center and other mediums to further enhance our services as well as product design. In addition, we will conduct customer satisfaction surveys periodically to better understand the diverse needs of our customers.

III. Follow-up by Management Committee

In July 2015, the Bank established Aozora's Social/Business Value Creation Conference. Through this management level conference, we have promoted the Bank-wide initiatives aimed at creating social value through our Group's business activities. As part of these efforts, the conference has followed up on activities implemented based on the Basic Policy. To ensure thorough understanding and practice of Aozora's customer-oriented business philosophy, we will report and discuss our activity status based on the Policy to/at the Management Committee that determines important matters related to daily operations and strengthen our efforts to achieve the philosophy. The Bank will disclose its efforts to promote customer-focused services on a regular basis.

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