Corporate History

1957 Apr Established as The Nippon Fudosan Bank, Limited (capital: ¥1 billion) in accordance with the Long-Term Credit Bank Law
1964 Jul Started foreign exchange business as an authorized foreign exchange bank
Sep Listed stock on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1970 Feb Listed stock on the Osaka Securities Exchange
1977 Oct Changed name to The Nippon Credit Bank, Ltd.
1994 Feb Established The Nippon Credit Trust Bank, Ltd. (currently GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd.)
1998 Dec Started special public management and terminated listing of stock on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange
1999 Sep NCB Services Co., Ltd. (currently Aozora Loan Services Co., Ltd.), commenced servicer operations
2000 Sep Ended special public management
2001 Jan Changed name to Aozora Bank, Ltd.
2005 Jun Established a subsidiary, Aozora Asia Pacific Finance Limited, in Hong Kong
Jul Established New York Representative Office
2006 Apr

Converted to an "Ordinary Bank"

Established Aozora Securities Co., Ltd.


Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

2007 May Established Shanghai Representative Office
2009 Apr Established Internet Branch (currently BANK Branch) and commenced Internet banking services
2012 Aug Announced the Comprehensive Recapitalization Plan
2013 Mar Launched Aozora Cash Card Plus (Visa debit)
Established Aozora Regional Consulting Co., Ltd.
2014 Feb Established Aozora Investment Management Co., Ltd.
May Established Singapore Representative Office
2015 Jan Established Aozora Real Estate Investment Advisors Co., Ltd.
Jun Full repayment of public funds
Dec Established a subsidiary, Aozora Europe Limited, in London
2016 May Completed conversion to new Kanjo-kei core banking system
2017 May Moved headquarters
Established ABN Advisors Co., Ltd.
2018 Apr Established Aozora Corporate Investment Co.,Ltd.
Jul GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd. commences Internet banking services
Oct Completed transfer of trust operations from GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd. and started concurrent trust business operations

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