Management Greeting

Thank you for your interest in Aozora Bank.

In FY2018, financial markets experienced increased levels of volatility as the global economy faced growing uncertainty arising from several factors, including increasing trade disputes in addition to the unclear direction of the Brexit negotiations. In Japan, the banking sector continued to face challenging business conditions given the prolonged low interest rate environment. With these conditions in mind, our management team maintained its focus on disciplined balance sheet management and the diversification of income sources. However, due to lower than anticipated results in the Retail Banking, Financial Institutions, and Financial Markets businesses of our 6 Areas of Focus, net revenue was 83.8 billion yen and net earnings 36.1 billion yen, both short of the forecasted levels announced at the beginning of the year.

In FY2019, Aozora will implement further improvements to our “6 Areas of focus” as the basis of our business model and will continue with our ongoing policy of striving for a well-balanced revenue framework across our company. By improving our operations through the sharpening of each focus area and the effective use of business resources, including capital and our Human Resources, we can achieve our central goal of reaching this year’s revenue targets. Aozora will also continue to make strategic investments intended to lay the foundation for sustainable future growth.

I expect Aozora to be one of the financial industry’s innovation leaders. We see market changes as providing us with an opportunity to expand our business, and Aozora will further embrace its core values by continually remodeling itself to flexibly respond to the needs of its customers and the demands of the market.

July 2019
Shinsuke Baba
Representative Director, President
and Chief Executive Officer

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