Management Greeting

Thank you for your interest in Aozora Bank. I assumed the post of Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Offcer of Aozora Bank in June 2020.

Aozora Bank established its new mid-term plan for 2020-22, entitled ‘Aozora 2022’.

To more effectively respond to the signifcant changes underway within the banking industry and broader operating environment, Aozora’s leadership saw the need to reassess and refocus the Bank’s vision and strategic direction. As a result of this reassessment, Aozora has updated its management philosophy, consisting of its mission, vison, and key priorities.

Our mission as finance professionals is to contribute to the development of society through the creation of new value-added fnancial services and, through the contribution to the well-being of all our stakeholders including customers, shareholders, society and our employees, seek to achieve sustainable growth and the creation of mid- to long-term corporate value.

‘Aozora 2022’ will serve as a roadmap for management and our employees as we work to realize the vision of being a distinctive Partner Bank.

Aozora will actively contribute to the sustainable development of Japanese society by supporting the development of emerging industries and new companies established in anticipation of the future information technology society, as well as regional revitalization/development, wealth building and smooth business succession for our customers. Aozora will also generate new ideas and innovation within each of its areas of business, leveraging its skill base and organizational flexibility to become a distinctive Partner Bank within Japan, offering our retail, corporate and financial institution customers with value-added products and services based on ideas drawn from our experienced staff members.

As the world remains in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our customers and communities are facing highly challenging and acutely severe conditions. Aozora is dedicated to responding to their needs while also serving as a valued partner by providing support for our customers’ efforts to start up new business.

Aozora will strive to achieve sustainable growth through sound risk-taking and proactive risk-controls. In light of the current economic environment, our intent is to deliver a cash dividend while providing returns to shareholders based on our earnings performance. We also aim to create a common sense of purpose among our employees and support a workplace conducive to their growth and productivity through the development of a new personnel system designed to facilitate teamwork and better encouragement of taking on new challenges, which will ultimately lead to sustainable growth for the entire Aozora organization.

At this time, I would like to express my gratitude to all of our stakeholders for their continued support.

June 2020
Kei Tanikawa
Representative Director, President
and Chief Executive Officer

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