Business Operations

Retail Banking Group

The Retail Banking Group is well prepared to meet the diverse needs of customers through personalized face-to-face asset management consultation and its broad range of competitive “Aozora Brand” products provided by the Bank’s subsidiaries, Aozora Securities Co., Ltd. and Aozora Investment Management Co., Ltd.

The Bank is committed to expanding and enhancing its service channels, which include branch offices, call center, Internet banking and Japan Post Bank partnership ATMs,etc. in order to deliver products and services to help its customers develop their assets.

Institutional Banking Group

As the “Primary Secondary Bank: the partner of choice,” Aozora Bank fully exercises the financial intermediary function and provides a broad range of financial solutions in order to meet business reconstruction and risk hedging needs in addition to loans, deposits and derivative products toward our customers’ sustainable growth and development as well as invigoration of regional economies.

Aozora Bank, in particular, focuses on providing advisory services regarding domestic M&A and cross-border M&A deals in cooperation with banking partners in Asia as well as LBO/MBO finance, supporting the business reconstruction by forming private equity funds, providing custom risk-hedging products and the securitization and liquidation by effectively using various assets held by customers such as lease and medical receivables.

Allied Banking Group

For over 60 years Aozora Group has promoted a broad range of transactions with its regional financial institution customers across the country. We provide a variety of financial products and services in response to customers’ diverse management issues and needs.

Additionally, working together with our regional financial institution customers, we utilize Aozora Group’s expertise and skills to provide solutions to their clients, aiming to contribute to regional economic development, including revitalizing regional economies.

Specialty Finance Group

The Specialty Finance Business provides finance backed by or collateralized with various assets. In particular, Aozora’s strengths lie in real estate finance and business recovery finance which it actively promotes as a focus business area. Our target assets range from stable and sound assets to opportunistic and distressed assets, and we provide a variety of financial services to respond to customers’ needs. Aozora’s strengths include experience and a track record in these businesses, the ability to evaluate real estate, the capability to structure transactions to meet customers’ needs, and networking with major players.

We are engaged in sound investment/loan activities that can stably generate profits through the selection of investments with profitability proportional to their risk while carefully monitoring market trends and remaining aware of public position as a bank.

International Finance Group

We are working on corporate loans, project finance, and other deals for customers and projects mainly in the North American,European and Asia-Pacific regions. Aozora’s strengths include experience and a track record in these businesses, the ability to appropriately evaluate and monitor assets, the capability to structure transactions to meet customers’ needs, and wide-ranging, strong network with market/industry players in each country.

We strive to secure stable returns and build a quality portfolio with proper risk diversification through the steady accumulation of assets with attractive risk/return profiles while carefully monitoring the ever-changing market environment and global situation.

Financial Markets Group

The Financial Markets Group manages the Bank’s derivatives business and the asset and liability management (ALM) function. In the derivatives business, we work toward increasing profitability and expanding our customer base by enhancing our value-added sales function, such as by using a consulting-style approach.

We also aim to continue improving our capabilities to supply financial products in response to the needs of our customers including corporate customers, financial institutions and retail customers.

In the ALM business, we maintain a stable portfolio of well-diversified investments in highly liquid securities and are committed to generating stable revenue through well-balanced interest rate-related risk management, thereby supplementing the revenue of our core businesses. We stabilize our funding base by utilizing term deposits, NCDs, and by issuing straight bonds continuously.

Trust Business Group

Aozora’s trust operations are focused on offering trustee administrative services to customers seeking to securitize assets such as monetary claims, real estate and securities.
In connection with this service, we provide monetary claims, real-estate administration and escrow trust services to our corporate customers.
Trust services for our financial institution customers include corporate investment and securities trusts.

Aozora intends to deliver trust services with a wide range of features which meet a diverse array of customer requirements.

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