Management Policy

Aozora Bank is firmly established in the Japanese financial system, and continues contributing to the economic and social growth under its management philosophy. Aozora Bank is aiming at realizing a unique position as neither a mega bank nor a regional financial institution.

The following three points represent the Bank's Management Philosophy

To pursue diversified revenues, underpinning sustainable growthin order to outperform the Japanesebanking sector and maximize shareholder value.

1. “Partnership Philosophy” with various stakeholders

  • Ensure the interests of our customers are protected at any costs, fulfill our responsibilities and make a positive contribution to our communities and society in Japan.
  • Create a sustainable financial services platform that balances the needs of the key stakeholders including customers, staff, regulators, investors and the broader community.
  • Offer value added financial products and services by our diligent, professional, intelligent and efficient team to a growing number of Japanese small, mid to large corporations, regional financial institutions and individuals seeking for investment opportunities.

2. Increase Corporate Value through strengthening financial technology and financial conditions.

  • Execute capital strategies to invest in future core business and to secure sound return to investors.
  • Generate corporate value through superior capabilities rather than superior scale.

3. Promote Global Best Practices in corporate governance, internal control and risk management

  • Aozora Group directors, officers and employees must conduct business with integrity, fairness and professionalism.
  • Aozora Group must use appropriate internal procedures and controls and conduct business in line with best market practices to ensure keeping or enhancing Aozora Group's reputation.